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Q1.  What is Refund or exchange policy for faculty goods?

A1.  After providing a detailed photo or video detailing the issue and emailing it to , 

        you may receive a refund or exchange for any Faculty Goods.

        Our craftsmen will be happy to assist you with everything we have to offer.

Q2:  When do we dispatch your order?

A2:  If your order does not require any customisations to meet local rules in the destination country,

        we will send it within 6 working days; if customisations are required, we will dispatch it within 11 working days.

        However, if we are unable to fulfill your order within the specified time frame, our customer service staff will contact you.


Note to Our Customers From The USA

Shipping Policy for The USA

1. Whenever a customer chooses UPS as their shipping method,

     we can give a complete refund of the shipping price when it fair to send. 


2. If you purchase “Airsoft Parts” through regular air shipping (from Hong Kong to USPS Post),

     and your item is returned by local customs for whatever reason,

     we will only refund the property's price, not the shipping charge, as we have paid this cost on the first shipment. 


3. If consumers still want us to resend the returned "Airsoft Parts," we can only do so by UPS,

     and the customer is responsible for 50% of the UPS shipping costs.


Airsoft (Airgun) Law in Hong Kong

All products on sale are in compliance with Hong Kong legislation and are overseen by the management.


The "Firearms and Ammunition Ordinance," Chapter 238 of Hong Kong's regulations, states that any bullet or projectile may be fired

as long as the muzzle energy does not exceed 2 joules (including air rifle, air gun or air pistol).


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